Toys to improve your pet's teeth!

Our furry friends need constant dental care to make sure their teeth stay healthy and avoid rotting and disease just like us humans, in order to prevent plaque and tartar building up.

Dental plaque is a soft deposit of bacteria from saliva, fluid and food that paints the teeth and collects where the teeth and gums meet. These bacterial deposits can damage the teeth, lead to the formation of tartar, and cause periodontal disease.

There are lots of things you can do to help ensure your furry friends teeth stay clean and healthy:

Dental chew toys are available for both Dogs and Cats and help manage the amount of plaque and tartar that form on the teeth.
The best forms of these toys are once that really keep your pet engaged to keep chewing rather than just play with it for a short period and forget all about it. As the owner you should play and really encourage your pet into activity when first using these toys to keep your pet engaged just like any child would. 

Here are some of the Interactive toys that can help:
- Dental Tug Toy



Keep your pet active and happy with this fun, stimulating, interactive dental tug toy! Simply place the suction cup end onto a clean flat surface and watch as your dog tugs away independently, providing plenty of entertainment. Place treats between the holes and inside the cavity to slowly feed/treat your dog.

🐾   Features:

  • Help keep your dog's teeth replenished
  • Clings to most clean smooth surfaces including glass, polished tiles, cupboard doors
  • Bumps and ridges to help clean your pup's teeth as they chew
  • Perfect for keeping your dog entertained when home alone
  • When placing the suction cup on a surface, use either your foot or press down hard on the top of the suction cup as this will ensure the best suction for the toy is provided.  


Toothbrush Chew Toy

This rubber chew toy will naturally clean your dog's teeth. Treats can easily be inserted into the toy to entice your dog to chew more on the toy. 

🐾   Features:

  • Cleans teeth from plaque
  • Keeps your pet entertained & fed for hours
  • Applicable Dog Breed: Small to Medium-sized dogs
  • Colour: Blue/Green
  • Sizes available  M - 10.5X3.7CM 
                               L -  14.5X4.7CM
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