In this quick guide we show you the main characteristics of the dog harnesses that we consider to be the most interesting. A few years in which, luckily, trends have proliferated that think more and better about animal welfare, and which, of course, have made users and pet owners understand that dog harnesses are a better option than necklaces.

There are many reasons to wear a dog harness instead of a traditional collar. When it comes to taking your dog for a walk, or touring town, outdoors, you need a harness that is comfortable and secure.

Backed by experts in animal behavior and pet experts, we wanted to create a guide with everything you need to know before buying a dog harness. Discover which ones cover those characteristics that are the key for you, as well as the best tips for using them, and the advantages they have compared to dog collars.

The size, shape and personality of the dog will determine the style of harness that best suits him, so don't miss this guide to the best dog harnesses on the market if you are trying to decide which option to choose.

Advantages of dog harnesses

Next, we analyze the main advantages of dog harnesses:

  • A harness will lift the dog slightly when pulling him, preventing him from staying on the ground, reducing the jerk while keeping his neck and throat secure.
  • You will have more control over the dog, especially if you are going for a walk on a busy road or around other pets.
  • Minimize the impact of the pull.
  • With a dog harness, you can prevent your pet from jumping into people.
  • Keep the dog from being distracted. This is very important, especially in areas where distractions can lead to injury.
  • It helps to maintain full control over as many dogs as possible, especially if you walk more than one. As is the case with the Doggie Walkers.
  • It prevents drowning and does not restrict breathing.
  • Combined with two grip points, the harness ensures that the dog feels more comfortable and controllable.

Styles of dog harnesses

Have you ever used a dog harness or are you planning to try a new style of harness on your dog? Either way, it's easy to get caught up in the process of testing a harness on your dog. This is because there are different styles of harness with different sets of benefits. Fortunately, it is very easy to figure out how to use a dog harness.

  • With clip on the back
  • Front clip harness
  • Vest harness

The Best dog harnesses on the market

Now that you know everything you need about dog harnesses, we leave you with the most complete guide on what are the best dog harnesses on the market.

Adventure Harness

Adventure Harness is ideal for nature lovers who like to go hiking or camping with their dog. Basically for any activity in which the dog needs to wear a harness for a long period of time.

This harness is light-weight, comfortable and breathable, and provides all-day comfort and will be durable enough to withstand all the activities your dog puts it through. It is ideal for dogs in love with outdoor adventures.

Nic Nic Harness

This type of harness usually has a strap in the front, usually placed in the center of your dog's chest. The front clip harness is good for dog training as it can help minimize how often the dog pulls on the leash. Another benefit of using this type of harness is that it gives you better control of the direction the dog is going while you walk it.

3m Reflective Harness 

Give your dog support and safety combines with this 3M reflective stripe harness, perfect for those who walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Featuring stainless O-rings for leash attachment and soft chest plate for comfort. 

🐾   Features:

  • Breathable mesh design
  • 3M Reflective stripes
  • Lightweight aluminium loops
  • Duraflex PVC buckles
  • Large loop handle for dog control


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