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My kitten Tilly loves the cactus tree. She’s so entertaining watching her playing on it running up the trunk and then standing at the top.
Love, love, love it.

Amazing quality

Love this bed I bought for my pup Archie! I always find him in it when I get home from work. Love the fact that it’s Australian made too! Would definitely recommend.

Giant Cactus

The three cats love it and have stopped scratching the furniture! Plus it looks great in the house.

Love it!

We are so happy with our purchase. Our puppy has loved the bed from the moment we bought it. He sleeps through the night and is instantly calm when in it.

Dogs new favourite toy!

This is great for my pooch. It’s a fun toy that he can play with by himself or also together with tug o war. Highly recommend

Corn Dog Toothbrush Tug - Of - War Toy

The toy is a great idea and is having the desired effect with my dog although I had to remove the rope as he was pulling it apart to chew it, ripping and eating what he was able to remove from the toy. He is now having fun with it everyday chewing the corn part with toothpaste and cleaning his teeth at the sometime.

Truly is a super strong chew bone!

I ordered a couple of these for my friend’s German Shepherd who chews and pulls apart all toys. I bought 3 thinking he’d go through them, but he’s been shewing in the 1st one for about a month now and it’s still going strong! Fun chew toy, cute colours and truly super strong!

Puppy Pack

Nice hardy chew bone!

My little staffy pup Olly has loved his chew bone. It’s still intact and standing! especially for a staffy lol. He switches from a hard nylon chew toy to this softer and rubbery bone when he prefers something with a different texture.

Squeaker Chew Dog Toy

Dog travel water bottle

Love it only thing that would make it better is if the water went back in. Sometimes I went to give my dog a drink she wouldn't want it so I had to dump the water that was in there. But definitely recommend to anyone that takes dogs on walks.

Great Window Hammock!

Great design, the suction system seems strong and the hammock looks really good. My kitty jumped straight on and hasn't left it all afternoon. She seems really comfy, lots of space for her to roll around on too! Very happy with this purchase

Roger loves the Cactus

Our cat loves his new cactus scratcher. The price and quality is reasonable for the product received. Customer service was easy and postal time was reasonable. Highly recommended

perfect product

I am very happy with my decision to purchase the medium-sized cactus scratcher, It is gorgeous and both of my cats just love it. I'm so thrilled with my purchase that I've considered buying another as well.

My only complaint is that the scratcher was delivered without signature confirmation to the wrong house on the wrong street (granted the street names are similar) but this was a pricey product to be left somewhere that wasn't my home. Fortunately my phone number was listed on the package so the home owners contacted to let me know it was delivered there. This criticism does not have to do with the product itself but the standard of shipping and makes me somewhat apprehensive to purchase another

Strongest toy yet

I’ve bought so many chew toys for our 1 year old French bulldog MAX.... he generally breaks them within a couple of days to a week... it’s now over a month old and looks like new.... (see picture), has saved me buying new chew toys and is saving my furniture HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Dog Bone Toothbrush Chew Toy

Dog Bone Toothbrush Chew Toy

Anxiety Calming Dog / Cat Bed
Love it!

We are so happy with our purchase. Our puppy has loved the bed from the moment we bought it. He sleeps through the night and is instantly calm when in it.

Lots of fun!

I love this toy! The rope was lots of fun to pull apart and the corn is very durable with my destructive nature! Highly recommend.

Love our cacti cat tower

I order one of the cat cacti tower for our cat Mr peach, it came faster than I expected. It was so easy to put together and the quality is fantastic peach loves it to, can not recommend it highly enough. The staff were also lovely checking we were happy with our purchase. Will definitely be buying more things from them

Durable and Fun!

This toy is amazing! It has a squeaker which keeps Yoda entertained for long periods of time. We’ve had this toy for a few weeks now and it’s in amazing condition which is amazing for Yoda!

Premium Pet Paw Cleaner Cup
Pet Paw Cleaner Cups

Highly recommend these paw cleaning cups they are great quality and so easy to use! I used to restrict my dog on where he would roam as the hassle of getting back in and having to wash him all down can take up to 30 minutes! But now it's so easy to just add some soap and water and give a quick twist and dry his paws! Super time saver!

Absolutely perfect

I’ve looked at so many window hammocks and thought they all looked cheap and just like boring cat furniture. I am so glad I found this one, it actually looks cool and industrial and you don’t instantly see it as just ‘cat furniture’. I also love that you can clip it up and out of the way if you don’t want the cat in it or if you need to close the blinds etc.

The quality is so good, and I like that the cardboard scratching insert is optional, I’ve taken that out as my cat seems to prefer just the fabric.

I honestly love it so much. If you’re like me and have a particular style in your home (industrial / mid century modern) and are worried about adding cat furniture into the mix - I really would recommend this. It looks so cool and the quality is super solid. Completely worth the price!

One tip: at first I wasn’t sure about the suction cups holding, but I think it was user error. If you unscrew the cap/end piece of the suction cup and really press the suction part in on its own before screwing the cap back on, it holds amazingly well and doesn’t budge.

I was going to take a picture of it clipped up and out of use but he won’t get out of it!


One of the only toys our crazy border collie hasn’t destroyed! We always find him with this bone. We are so impressed with the hours of enjoyment and durability this toy has provided. Thank you Pet Play!

5 stars

We purchased this bone for our brititsh bulldog who is 8 months old this is one of her favourites she chooses from her other toys. Highly recommend this for your pawfect paws

Moby’s 🌵

This product is absolutely perfect— very high quality— and a funky addition to our apartment. It is already much loved by Moby

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